Smile Spotlight
Tooth and Lip Gloss

Put the spotlight on your radiant white smile with Love My Smile™ professionally formulated smile enhancing Tooth and Lip Gloss. Our revolutionary new Tooth Gloss provides a unique coating to teeth, protecting them from stains and leaving them silky smooth, while illuminating your teeth to make them look even more radiant and white. The luxurious moisturizing and plumping Lip Gloss uses reflective properties that make your teeth appear even whiter. Highlight your radiant white smile with this complete Tooth and Lip enhancing treatment.

  • Refreshing minty taste
  • Provides a stain protective layer to teeth
  • Mild formulation for plumping and moisturizing
  • Reflective properties enhance the whiteness of your teeth
  • A complete rejuvenating treatment for your teeth and lips