Maintaining On the Go Teeth Cleaning Pen Smile Spotlight Tooth and Lip Gloss

Cleaning and Whitening

Love My Smile’s no sensitivity, deep cleansing foam action system removes stains first and hydrates teeth to allow the whitening foam to penetrate. The gentle and SLS-free professional foaming formula is abrasive-free with less than 1% hydrogen peroxide, leaving you with a radiant and pampered white smile.


Love My Smile’s gentle and abrasive-free Maintenance Foam keeps your teeth looking whiter longer and keeps your breath fresh. Preserve your radiant white smile with this revolutionary gentle and great tasting Maintenance Foam.

Cleaning Pen

Love My Smile’s refreshing Teeth Cleansing Pen helps you to achieve a fresh, clean and radiant smile on the go. It offers a burst of freshness while keeping your teeth clean and protected.

Smile Spotlight
Tooth and Lip Gloss

Love My Smile’s professionally formulated smile-enhancing Tooth and Lip Gloss will highlight your radiant white smile. The Tooth Gloss protects your teeth from stains while making them instantly whiter and shinier. Our plumping Lip Gloss moisturizes, adds shine and makes your teeth look even whiter.