The smile is one of our greatest assets.

For the 20 years that I have been involved in cosmetic teeth whitening,
I have been disappointed by the results that patients have achieved — from both over-the-counter products and professional systems.

I set out to develop a system that minimizes the use of harsh chemicals that can cause sensitivity and irritation, and did so without changing a person’s habits. Too often, people stop whitening their teeth because of the inconvenience of wearing trays or applying strips, uncomfortable visits to the dentist, or the sensitivity that comes from the traditional, harsh and powerful chemicals.

And to what end?

Systems rarely if ever gave patients significantly noticeable differences after the identified ‘One Hour Whitening Process’. Why? Because all of the existing whitening systems only lightened the stains, not
removed them.

Through the use of products in my cosmetic practice,
I realized that a system was needed that would gently remove the stains on teeth and then whiten them.

My creation, Love My Smile™, begins with a non-abrasive, dual foam technology that penetrates through the narrow enamel to get deep down into the teeth. And then provides another gentle-action foam to maintain ongoing whiter teeth.

These cleaning, whitening and maintenance products are complemented by my unique, instant white, tooth and lip glosses, and on-the-go pen.

The tooth gloss helps to protect the teeth from stains and imparts a feeling of freshness and confidence. It provides a unique, protective coating to the teeth, making them look cleaner and shinier. The smile-enhancing lip gloss uses a mild formulation for plumping and moisturizing, while adding reflective properties to enhance the smile. And the on-the-go pen helps busy people achieve whiteness, a clean feel and fresh breath, while in their cars, away from home or out for an evening.

The smile is all about getting close and personal, and having the confidence to do so before those important moments. It is, after all, the prelude to a kiss.

Love My Smile™. Everyday.